Surf Mental Training Week

Fear starts in the head. Courage too! This is the motto of our Surf Mental Training Week from 29.04. until 06.05. 2023 by and with mental coach Kim Chareonbood.

Kim knows what she is doing and consequently what she is talking about! For more than 6 years she has been working as a mental trainer and hypnotherapist with her own practice, and on top of that she is a trained surf instructor with 17 years of surfing experience. So who could be better qualified to design and deliver Surf Mental Training?

If you think of “Surf-Mental” as some kind of therapy for surf psychos or cronical extreme anxieties, you are very much mistaken. Everyone has limits to their own “comfort zone” and this is defined – guess what – by fears and blockages, even if they are often not conscious. This is exactly where Kim comes in with her Surf Mental Training. Simply because the less fears and blockages inhibit us, the further up the end of our comfort zone shifts.

Because only when you remove your mental blocks, you can also improve your surfing. Because what goes on in your head simply affects everything about your surfing. And what you feel in your body in turn influences your thoughts!

That’s exactly why Mellowmove Surfcamp, in collaboration with Kim’s organization Fearless Surfer, organizes a surf mental training week that is all about teaching you not only the art of surfing, but also the art of mental strength.

Training - your key to more waves

What you train is what you get! This saying couldn’t be truer: What you train yourself to do will show in your surfing performance. That’s why it’s so important to train with a coach. Your coach will help you acquire the right technique – whether that’s a movement pattern or a thought pattern. With the right training, real progress is then also announced. And that’s what you get in our retreat: Focused, professional and efficient surf coaching and mental training. Surf, train, REPEAT!

Online preparation from home

To prepare you mentally for the surf coaching week, you will get access to our online members area after your registration. There you will find videos in which Kim explains the basic techniques of mental training. With practical exercises that will better prepare you for your surfing vacations.

Intensive surf coaching on the beach

We're going to do a lot of surfing. Your coaches will give you input & step-by-step improvement suggestions both on land and during the surf session. So you will spend about 4-5 hours a day on the beach from Monday to Friday. Daily surfing theory additionally helps you to understand surfing even better.

Courage, self-confidence & commitment

Overcome fear, build confidence and courage, maintain calm and composure, and create your own optimal mental warm-up for yourself. In the group and in personal 1:1 short coaching sessions you will familiarize yourself with the power of your thoughts and your breath. With lots of practical exercises!

the challenge

Your challenges:

the goal

What you want to accomplish:

Your results:

Prices & Services


Sat. 29.04. – Sat. 06.05. 2023


€ 620,- in a double / 2-bed room

€ 585,- in a 5-bed room


Food Package (breakfast buffet, packed lunch, dinner): € 138,-.



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