ecologically minded

“i think when a surfer becomes a surfer, it’s almost an obligation to become an environmentalist at the same time…” (Kelly Slater)



We think like the eleven-time world champion! Especially for us as surfers, who move so directly in nature and satisfy our addiction to waves in its arms, it is particularly important to treat it with care and to conserve resources.

That’s why we’ve started to change some things in our operations and offerings in a sustainable direction. We are far from finished, because to be more sustainable, processes have to keep moving.

stay hydrated

Surfers against plastic

Always watch your water balance! At our drinking fountain you can draw filtered drinking water directly from the tap and fill up your bottle at any time.

We have always resented having to buy drinking water in disposable plastic bottles. Therefore, we have installed a high-quality filtration system and built a refilling station for tasty drinking water. If you don’t bring a bottle, we have for you the Mellowmove DRINK WATER! Bottles.

lunch & trash bag

Keep the beach clean

You can transport your snack to the beach well packed in our recycled paper lunch bags and fill them with trash on the way back. If we all take a few things from the beach each day that aren’t ours, we can make a big difference together.

With a few touches at the end of a beach day, we create our daily Beach Clean Up!

seasonal & local

Buy & eat conscious

Our “Mellow Kitchn” prefers to work with regional suppliers to be able to process the freshest and best products. Of course, we also attach great importance to seasonality in the fruits and vegetables we prepare. Where possible, we also like to use organic products. Our local suppliers are all located in the immediate area:


Organic Clothing

We believe that fair trade and sustainable development should be self-evident! Organic and pollutant-free raw materials are just as important as the durability of the textiles and the conditions under which they are produced. That’s why we are always on the lookout for new organic and recycled materials that are fairly produced for our “Mellowmove Clothing” collection.

EU Project

Green Room Surf Alliance

Due to our sustainability efforts, which are well known in the “scene”, we were invited in 2017 to participate in an EU project for sustainable surf tourism. As one of seven surf camps from different countries in Europe, we formed the “Green Room Surf Alliance” together with the University of Gran Canaria and Austrian Surfing. In 18 months of project work, standards were systematically developed on how surf tourism providers can make their operations more sustainable while strengthening social factors internally and in their local communities. Also on board was the organization “Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie”, which carried out independent certifications.

longer life cycle

Boards & Wetsuits

Sustainability is also related to service life, i.e. how long a product is used before it has to be disposed of.

We try to extend the “life cycle” of our surfboards and wetsuits as long as possible. If they no longer meet our quality standards but are still usable, we selectively give them away for further use as needed. The fishermen in the area have long use for the wetsuits that are no longer suitable for surfing, and the local surf club is happy to receive a surfboard or two.

What else we do:

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