Surf Yoga

with adriano mesquita

Surfing and yoga are a pretty awesome combination, that’s no secret anymore! More and more surfers appreciate the holistic effect of yoga. Our instructor Adriano is a surfer and yogi for over 10 years.

Surf Yoga with Adriano

Yoga helps with surfing. Word of this has long since spread. Even surf professionals like Filipe Toledo rely on yoga to achieve optimal results in competition. Why? That’s easy to explain: yoga compensates for what surfing lacks.

Simply put, the body strained by surf sessions becomes supple again, shortened muscle groups are stretched and at the same time certain muscles are strengthened by the workout. But that’s not all: targeted breathing supports the lungs and promotes concentration in the water. And the relaxation that you get from yoga, of course, can not be missed. A good addition, then, in every respect.


Our yoga teacher Adriano knows all this, of course. In addition to his many years of experience as a yogi, he is also a surf instructor at Mellowmove, perfectly combining the know-how from both areas. He is available for all your questions and concerns around the topic with a lot of knowledge and commitment.

We organize daily yoga lessons, which we time to coincide with the surf course. If you feel like participating, just sign up on our info board the night before.

Price per lesson: € 15

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