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A perfect surfing vacation also includes being pampered extensively and enjoying what the kitchen and cellar have to offer!

Enjoy healthy

The sun on your face, the view of the blue sea and the smell of freshly cooked delicacies in your nose. This is how a vacation should be. We are convinced that a full culinary catering is not only the icing on the cake, but simply belongs to your successful surfing experience. That’s why our kitchen team is happy to go the proverbial extra mile to pamper you with everything that’s good for body and soul.

In our kitchen we transform quality food into tasty dishes, delicious desserts and homemade breakfast treats, like our seasonal jam. Fresh fruits & vegetables, no artificial preservatives or flavor enhancers, prepared with love every day – that’s healthy enjoyment to our taste.

The Mellow Kitchn

If you love to cook, you’ll love The Mellow Kitchn. Because on the blog of our chef Anna you will find constantly new recipes. Tested and tasted many times by our guests on site. From vacation directly into your kitchen, so to speak. So you can easily take a piece of Mellowmove feeling home with you. Or get yourself in the mood in advance.

Cooking should be fun, uncomplicated and, above all, bring full enjoyment. We are convinced of this. All the better if you can do something good for yourself and the planet at the same time. That’s why The Mellow Kitchn is all about seasonal and effortless recipes that put vegetables front and center. You can find delicious inspiration on the associated Instagram account.

food package


Food Package


start the day


A successful start to the day begins with a balanced breakfast! Therefore, you can eat your fill at our varied buffet. Whether healthy muesli, seasonal fruits & vegetables, homemade jams or daily changing spreads, carefully prepared by our kitchen team – the choice is yours!

So that you are also well supplied during the day, you have the possibility to prepare a packed lunch in the morning. All you can eat, of course!

tasty & healthy


After an exciting day of surfing, it’s our pleasure to treat you to a community dinner. On the menu are daily changing dishes that will help you recharge your batteries. Meat, fish and, above all, lots of vegetables end up in our cooking pots.

Especially popular is our Burger Night, where you can assemble a burger to your taste. Juicy steaks, crunchy grilled vegetables and varied side dishes are the highlight of the Saturday BBQ – a feast of pleasure for meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

The Mellow Bar



Cocktails & Coffee

Our camp bar is exclusively available to our guests and provides for your physical well-being in liquid form. Whether coffee, long drinks, cocktails or Portuguese wine – we have it all! And all of this, of course, on the room bill. As in the kitchen, we also attach great importance to the quality of the ingredients at the bar. That is why we work exclusively with branded products.

In addition to the bar, you can also stock up on cool drinks at the self-service fridge at any time.

portuguese specialties

Wine Tastings

Discover the wines of local winemakers and let yourself be enchanted by the taste of Portugal! In our regular wine tastings you will learn how to taste wine properly, what matters and how to trust your own taste.

If there is enough interest, we organize a Wine Tasting every week. Nora, a local wine expert, is coming to camp and bringing a selection of great Portuguese wines as well as her extensive knowledge. The tasting takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

stay hydrated

Drink Water

Always watch your water balance! At our drinking fountain you can draw filtered drinking water directly from the tap and fill up your bottle at any time.

We have always resented having to buy drinking water in disposable plastic bottles. Therefore, we have installed a high-quality filtration system and built a refilling station for tasty drinking water. If you don’t bring a bottle, we have for you the Mellowmove DRINK WATER! Bottles.



Eating & Drinking

Of course! Vegetarian and vegan diets are a high priority for us. You can select your preference in the online booking.

We try to ensure the greatest possible availability of regional as well as seasonal ingredients in order to process them fresh for you. Where possible, we like to use organic products. We reject convenience and ready-made products as a matter of principle.

No problem! We are well adjusted to many common intolerances and are happy to accommodate them if you let us know. If you have very specific dietary requirements, please let us know your needs in advance and we will clarify how we can feed you accordingly.

Yes! You can also book breakfast only (including packed lunch) and eat in a restaurant in the evening. The price for the package without dinner is € 66,- per week.

Our camp kitchen is not a communal kitchen, but reserved exclusively for our Mellow Kitchn crew, who take care of the well-being of our guests. If you do not want to take advantage of the Food Package, you have the option to eat at one of the restaurants in the area.

If you prefer to cook yourself, you can book either our apartment or studio as accommodation, as both have their own cooking facilities.

Everything is taken care of! We run a café and cocktail bar at the camp exclusively for our guests. There you can get everything your thirsty heart desires every evening and at selected times during the day.

Furthermore, our self-service fridge is available to you at all times. It is filled with beer, soft drinks and juices and you simply enter your withdrawal in a list.

No, you don’t have to! At our water station you can tap filtered drinking water directly anytime. Glasses are available and you can also fill up your bottle for the beach. If you don’t bring a bottle, you can buy one of our outdoor thermoses, which are available in 3 different sizes.

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