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The "Drink Water" Bottles


We have decided to declare war on the masses of plastic waste! In particular, we consider low-quality disposable plastic bottles to be ecologically unacceptable.

The water - refilling station

Tap water in Portugal is free of germs and pollutants. However, since it is chlorinated for the purpose of preservation at high temperatures, this has a negative effect on the taste.

Therefore, we have installed a high-quality Katadyn filtration system and built a refilling station for tasty water in the camp. Here you can tap drinking water around the clock to keep your fluid balance balanced. The times when you had to buy water in plastic bottles are over. Free drinking water for everyone! The way it should be!

The premium stainless steel bottle

If you already have a sports or outdoor bottle, why not bring it with you on your surf vacation to us! If you are not yet in possession of a good drinking bottle, we can highly recommend our robust “Drink Water” Bottle.

In our search for a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles, we stumbled upon the crew from Made Sustained, who also surf. The small Dutch company is completely dedicated to the production of sustainable products. With them we have found the optimal partner for the realization of the Mellowmove “Drink Water” Bottle. Together we also want to spread the slogan “Surf against Plastic” and inspire as many people as possible to rethink.

the bottle family

characteristics of the bottle:

Why stainless steel and not aluminum?

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